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Please start by creating a user account. This account will be used to manage your membership volunteer hours through After the registration process is complete, you will receive a confimation email.

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Please Read and Accept the Membership Agreement

Admission to West Side Play Space is contingent upon acceptance of the following conditions and responsibilities by the members and their families.

  1. All children at West Side Play Space must be under the active supervision of parents or caregivers.
  2. West Side Play Space is not liable for any injury occurring in the play space.
  3. All member families are responsible for performing one volunteer shift per month (2 hour shift).
  4. Volunteers at the desk ensure the safe operation of West Side Play Space during their shifts. Accordingly, they are authorized to eject any adult or child behaving in a disruptive or disrespectful manner.  WSPS is authorized to use the four classrooms and the bathroom on the first floor only; adults and children must refrain from wandering the building.
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