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Frequently Asked Questions - Things to know before I visit

There are light snacks (goldfish, crackers) and drinks (juice boxes, water) available for a nominal price (generally 75 cents per item).

Yes. To help us keep our space clean, families are asked to keep food and drinks in the designated eating areas, and to clean up and wipe down tables after eating.

We love our walkable west side neighborhood and have lots of space to park strollers in the hallway outside our playrooms.

Diapers can be changed in the restroom down the hall from WSPS. However, due to limited trash removal capacity, diapers CANNOT be thrown away in any trash receptacles at WSPS or in the bathroom. Diapers must be carried out and disposed of off-site. We can provide plastic diaper bags if needed.

Adults and children are asked to remove shoes and boots before entering the play rooms at West Side Play Space. This practice helps keep our floors, equipment and mats clean. Shoes, coats and other personal items can be stored in cubbies; Wipes are provided in each play room, at the front desk and in the eating area.  A "Taster's Choice" bin is available for toys that have been mouthed and will be cleaned on a regular basis as part of a cleaning shift.

West Side Play Space was designed for pre-schoolers. If your older child comes with you to WSPS, please ensure that he or she refrains from using equipment that is designed for younger children and that he or she is not being overly physical in an area where younger children are playing. Older children can be great helpers to preschoolers by assisting with blocks, puzzles, and other more advanced activities. WSPS reserves the right, however, to ask members to leave the space if the above guidelines are not followed. In the case of repeated problems, membership may be revoked.

Yes. The babysitter must be an adult caregiver, and must accompany and supervise your child/ren at all times. In addition, the caregiver must be able to provide the name of the primary contact in the system to ensure the family is registered. Please include the name(s) of your babysitter(s) on your enrollment form and in your online member account.  

Parents and caregivers are asked to use good judgment when bringing children to West Side Play Space.  Please do not bring a child to WSPS if he or she has had a fever in the past 24 hours or has a contagious illness.