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What are some ideas for working at West Side Play Space with young children?

Each family, based on the ages and temperaments of their child/ren, will have a different experience working the registration desk at WSPS. Many parents are able to keep an eye on their kids while working the desk. Others find that they need a different strategy. Some ideas to consider:

  • Keep your children near the registration desk (only appropriate for some families)
  • Volunteer when a friend, spouse or caregiver is available to watch the kids at WSPS
  • Volunteer with a friend at WSPS to help keep an eye on each other's children
  • Volunteer on a weekend day when you can come alone and leave the kids at home

Also, if you are a new volunteer and you feel you need more information before working a shift at the registration desk, please contact Finally, if you are unable to find a way to work your monthly shifts at the registration desk, you can fulfill one of your volunteer commitments by volunteering for a laundry (taking dress up clothes home to wash) or cleaning shift (bathroom, vacuuming/sweeping, deep toy cleaning.)