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How do I sign up for a volunteer shift?

In order to sign up for volunteer shifts, you need to be a West Side Play Space Member. If you are not yet a member, click here to learn more. If you are a member, signing up for a volunteer shift is simple:

  • go to:
  • login to your member account by entering your username or email and password in the "Member Login" area in the left column
  • after you login, click on the "Sign up to volunteer" link under "Member Links" in the left column
  • the resulting page will show you a list of all available volunteer shifts
  • pick a shift that you (or someone in your member family) wants to cover and click the pink "SIGN UP" button
  • choose the name of the person that will cover the shift from the drop-down
  • click on the pink "SIGN UP" button again

NOTE: After logging in to your member account, you can also sign up for volunteer shifts directly through the calendar page.