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How do I cancel my shift?

  • go to:
  • login to your member account by entering your username or email and password in the "Member Login" area in the left column
  • after you login, click on the "My volunteer shifts" link under "Member Links" in the left column
  • the resulting page will show you a list of all volunteer shifts that you have signed up for
  • click the "CANCEL" button next to the shift that you want to cancel

If cancelling within 24 hours of your shift, please email (cancellation this late should only be in an emergency, e.g. sick child).

If cancelling within 7 days of your shift, please try to get your shift covered as
soon as possible by posting a request on the WSPS Member Google Group to ask if anyone is available to pick up the
shift. Please email for help and/or guidance with this process.