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Open Shift

Hi -

This functionality is coming soon. Once it's done, you will use it every time you open a volunteer shift at the front desk. It will allow you to "sign in" to your shift and enter the amount of money in the cash box before your shift. When you are done with your front desk shift, you will be able to "sign out" and enter the amount of money in the cash box after your shift. I'll post on the members Google Group when the functionality has been added.


(Matt Gabor, married to Judi Jeroslow and daddy of Jonah and Benjamin)

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Edit member profile

This functionality is coming soon...

Sign up to volunteer

This page isn't functional yet, but it will be a list view of all dates/hours that still need volunteer coverage. A logged in member will be able to sign up to cover hours directly from this page. They can also sign up through the calendar view.

My volunteer hours

This isn't functional yet, but it will display a list of all the hours that the logged in member has signed up to cover. The member will be able to cancel a shift that they've volunteered for on this page as well. If they are cancelling within 48 hours (is that the right amount of time?), a notification email will be sent to some WSPS folks (list TBD).

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